Total Closure of International North-South v.v. Axis until 26/08/2017

This is the original news sent on August 14th (as you can easily read on the top of the article…), DB Netz the German rail manteiner set the new line recovery date for the october 07th 2017, the right place to get updates about the News is the new “Live Bulletin page” and as general purpose “News Area” of the website..

Dear partner,

as you probably have already been informed by our Customer Service earlier today, there has been a severe infrastructure disturbance in Germany near Rastatt (between Frankfurt and Basel).

The track bed sank over a distance of more than 20 metres due to underground tunnel construction. (see regional news on:

The German Infrastructure Manager DB Netze informed that the total closure of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor will last at least until 26.08.2017

This problem will affect all the trains in transit through Germany / Switzerland, whose circulation had to be at current suspended.

GTS Trains affected by this german rail infrastructure failure are:

  • Piacenza – Zeebrugge | Zeebrugge – Piacenza
  • Piacenza – Moerdijk | Moerdijk – Piacenza
  • Milano (Segrate) – Rotterdam | Rotterdam – Milano (Segrate)

All these trains will be suspended until 26/08/2017 unless further communication.

We are currently evaluating all possible alternatives on different geographical routes and will keep you updated about any further developments of the current situation.

Our operational team works with great effort and will inform you constantly.
We thank you for trust and understanding in this exceptional situation.

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