Terminal operator

The GTS is the owner of one intermodal area in the heart of the industrial area of Bari.
In this terminal GTS Staff works with its own equipment to load and unload trains.
The GTS staff manages trains compounds directly from GTS spa and also those of other operators that require terminal services the terminal receives combained trains land and sea.

Terminal Lamasinata, No. 2 tracks from 330mt, No. 5 wheeled cranes.

Terminal services:

  • handling of containers and swap bodies with load / unload train;
  • storage in monitored areas;
  • repaires and cleaning swap bodies and containers;
  • local haulage;
  • transhipment and storage.

Useful information:

  • 4km from the junction of the A14 motorway;
  • 5km from the port of Bari, which provides daily connections with Greece and the Balkans;
  • 0.8 km from the SS16.