Temporary Price Surcharge Communication due to Alternative Routing

Dear Partner,

due to the collapsing of the railway infrastructure insisting  on one of the most important European Intermodal traffic junction in Germany the connection between North / South Europe, will be  further blocked till October 07th 2017 (latest date communicated by DB Netz,  the German infrastructure manager).

GTS found alternative railway routing through Germany in order to cope with this temporary emergency and ensure  service continuity.

Unfortunately these alternative routing brings to higher cost that is translated in an amount of  € 110 per load for Door to Door and 70€ for Terminal to Terminal.

Therefore we are forced to  apply this temporary upcharge, (with a separate billing), on current rates for all international shipments from/to Northern France/ Benelux / United Kingdom as of September 1st 2017 (order reception date).

We take the opportunity to remind  you that according to the latest information the infrastructural works should be over  October 07, 2017 and in addition to these alternative routing  GTS intermodal service it has also put in place:

1. The Strengthening of all-road transport services through the launch of a dedicated Task Force

2. Live Bulletin Service on our website where you can find ongoing service updates.

We thank you for the trust and understanding shown in this exceptional situation.

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