New Connection Piacenza (IT) – Moerdijk (NL)

GTS Group is pleased to announce the strengthening of its international services with the launch of the new intermodal service, in February, that will connect the terminal of Piacenza with Moerdijk, the Dutch town at the center of a major industrial area and a strategic port daily connected with the United Kingdom representing a direct access to the British domestic market.

GTS will offer Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal Services, with an initial frequency of 3 circulations per week, but the goal is to get to 6 circulations weekly until September 2017.

The new line will be perfectly integrated into the extensive GTS network that sees in Piacenza an important pivot for the connections between South Italy (Rome, Naples and Bari), Europe (Greece and Turkey) and Northern Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland) .

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