A travel started in 1977 on board a train that left Bari and arrived, after more than 40 years, throughout Europe. It has been a long and challenging journey, made up of ever biggered goals and increasingly ambitious challenges.

In all this path we never stopped and never slowed down.
Even today, after all these years, we have the enthusiasm and courage of those who want to change the world:

goods, transport and people.

Foundation of the first GTS group company.

Departure of the first national train.

Departure of the first international train.

Foundation of GTS RAIL.

The first 3 locomotives in GTS debut: Sasha, Freedom, Independence.

Departure of the first national train GTS RAIL.

Territorial extension of the safety certificate and extension to the transport of dangerous goods.

With Zoe, GTS RAIL reaches 6 locomotives.

Expansion and commercial definition in the UK and the Netherlands.

Release the national rail passenger transport licence for GTS RAIL S.P.A.

With Nicola and Alessandro the fleet of locomotives reaches 8 units.

Inaguration workshop rolling maintenance and arrival 2 new locomotives that bring the fleet to 10 units. getting the budget oscar.

Foundation and appointment of the Board of Directors on GTS Holding. Elite Certification.

Purchase of 160 new railway wagons bringing the fleet to 330 units.

Purchase  of 5 new locomotives that bring the fleet to a total of 15 units. Getting the budget Oscar for the second time.

Increased job hiring. Collaboration with over 800 partners.