GTS Stakeholder Meeting and Xmas Party

Friday 2nd of December was a very important day for our group, full of events that marked the beginning of a new chapter for our company.

Rail Maintenance Platform

The morning was inaugurated the new Rail Maintenance Platform GTS Rail Spa, the first in Italy with 100% private capital. A structure, connected to the main Italian and foreign rail hub, which will allow to perform maintenance activities on all rail vehicles. A space of 17.000 square meters to the industrial area of Bari and a covered area with two rails, equipped with load-lifting mechanisms to bridge crane and independent column. The maintenance and management capabilities will enable GTS to make interventions, with great foresight on the entire rail network, internalizing a crucial process for the operating activities of the entire group.

At 12.30 a.m. took place right inside the new Rail Maintenance Platform the annual Stakeholders Meeting, a space where the company’s management presented the achievements and the Business Plan 2017. The video of the live event broadcast on social the group is available at the following link.


Il Business Plan per il 2017

We do not believe that our company have to do just transport, we work to create value trying to attract around us the added value that GTS are able to create for the environment, for the territory, for the employees,” these are the words with which Alessio Muciaccia, CEO of GTS, opened the meeting. It were reminded of the many progress that the company has made since 1977, the year of its founding, until the last award received right in the same week. GTS indeed on the 29th of November was awarded in Milan with the Financial Statements Oscar organized by the Italian Stock Exchange and Ferpi.

The objectives for the coming year were instead reminded by Pasquale Todisco, GTS CFO, “We will bring shipments from 96 thousand Euro to 110 thousand Euro in a year, bringing the turnover from 86 to 100 million Euro with a 10% EBITDA”.

For those of you who missed the presentation of the group, it will be possible watch from here.

The Business Match

The day was continued with GTS Business Match, a service created to promote business one-to-one meetings between Italian and foreign companies during the Stakeholders Meeting. The company has also made available spaces in its headquarters in Bari for all stakeholders who had requested via a special form on the company website.

The Party

The day ended with the Xmas Party also held in the GTS headquarter in Bari. A moment where to celebrate successes and targets achieved.