GTS new Customer Portal

Dear customer, as you may notice GTS pays great attention to the improvement of its service level.
We are strongly believe that the use of technology is part of this process, while also contributing to the increase of efficiency of the entire supply chain.
This allow us to remain faithful to our mission : ” the Green Transport Solution” .

Starting today is active our new customer portal. Through our website you can only access with USER NAME and PASSWORD .
If you do not have username and password yet, or if you lost it, please contact your sales representative or send request to
Here below the information that you can find:

  • status of each shipments;
  • history of shipments already delivered;
  • download POD or other documents related to shipments;
  • calculation of CO2 saving according to international standards for each individual shipment. (Probably you have already noticed that on the GTS invoices, the saving of CO2 on transport is just showed);
  • active offers;
  • manage your AMS profile.

Soon our APP will be available for iOS and Android devices.

This new communication tool is added to the already active AMS (Automatic Messaging System) that keeps constantly updated via email of the status of your shipments.

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