Corporate Social Responsibility

GTS believes that for a company to be successful over the long term and create value for shareholders it must create value for society. It calls this creating shared value. Specifically, GTS does business in ways that help address global and local issues in the areas of transport and rural development.

Creating shared value is the underlying principle of the GTS Group’s activities. According to this approach, to be successful in the long term, a company must create value both for itself and for its shareholders and for the society in which it operates, bringing concrete benefits to the people, economy and territory.

Transparency helps us address problems, and there’s no doubt it contributes to better interactions with external stakeholders.

Identifying the policy areas in which the interests of its stakeholders is intertwined with that of the whole community, GTS has set the stage for a long-term strategy based on the investment of resources and talents in the three areas of: ecosustainibility, technological and rural development.