GTS is a leading company in Italy and Europe in intermodal transport.
Intermodal involves the use of standardized load units, container or swap body, fit to travel either by road or rail, without breaking bulk, ie without the goods to be transhipped or handled by the carrier.
The complete journey thus provides that the swap carries two short distances by truck upstream and downstream transport, and a long route by rail.
GTS operates with a single system that provides not only the integration of many forms but also the direct management of service production.
Our mission is to offer a complete transport service for all European destinations, preferring the intermodal mode, reversing a widespread belief that sees the railroad as an obsolete and inefficient.
The quality is the direct result of a complex system with high vertical integration: locomotives, wagons, swap bodies, trucking, terminal.
The company was founded in 1977, whose mission is to remove the trucks from the roads.
The savings to the community in environmental terms is measured in millions of tonnes of CO2 saved, soot and other pollutants.
The transport system GTS is thus not only a quality product, but this is as reliable and sustainable in the long run.

Our values

The group, led by work-related principles:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Competitiveness
  • Safety
  • Human resources
  • Cooperation
  • Social responsability
  • Innovation
  • Change

Our work

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