FerroBonus Incentives 2017 2019

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What is the Ferrobonus?

Ferrobonus is an economic incentive included in the 2016 Italian Economic Stability Law and approved by the Italian Government with the Decree of October 10, 2017 aimed at the promotion and diffusion of intermodal rail transport in Italy. The total financial amount allocated for this measure amounts to € 20 million for the period 2017-2018 and € 40 million for the period 2018-2019.

The issuance and management of this incentive is ruled by a regulation published and approved by Decree no. 125 of 12/07/2017 by the Ministry of Transport.

What are the reasons behind the Ferrobonus?

Intermodal freight transport using rail as a primary transport form represents the most sustainable solution for both the environment and the business economy.

Each train in Italy is able to transport the equivalent of 33 trucks (from 28 tons of capacity) by reducing or zeroing all road traffic related issues (incidents, traffic, pollution).

Italian Government and the European Community, given the importance and clear benefits of this type of transport, are proactively working to foster their diffusion by launching numerous measures with the aim of transferring by 2025 30% of freight transport in Europe to the rail (today we are at 8-10%).

Who can benefit from the Ferrobonus incentives?

The ferrobonus is intended for:

  1. Railway companies (such as GTS Rail)
  2. MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator such as GTS )
  3. All companies (from manufacturing to other transport companies) who choose to carry goods using GTS Rail intermodal transport both in Italy and Europe (they must travel at least 150km in our country).

How much is the Ferrobonus contribution?

The Decree provides for a maximum approved contribution of € 2.5 per train per kilometer to be split equally (50/50) between MTO (GTS) and company commissioning the transport (customer).

To better understand the calculation and the final contribution to businesses we imagine a transport carried out from Legnano (Mi) to Altamura (Ba) corresponding to approximately 880 km of railway (Milan-Bari) train route on the GTS Rail train . The maximum amount that the MTO will receive will be 2,200 € (880 * 2,5) per train to be subdivided between about 33 loads for a reputed average cost of € 66 per container conveyed. This contribution will ultimately be divided equally (50/50) between the MTO and the company thus generating a final incentive for the client company of € 33.

The coefficient used of € 2.5 per train \ km is the maximum available and is the result of balance (then at the end of 2018 for the first year and ending in 2019 for the second) by dividing the amount allocated by the government (20-40 million € ) for the total number of trains reported by the railway companies and MTO applicants.

How to apply for the Ferrobonus incentives?

GTS will automatically provide all the deliveries made and request the contribution for its customers.

Upon receipt of the approval and payment of the incentive GTS will send the customer the amount due within 60 days.

For any doubts or information, please contact us at ferrobonus@gtslogistic.com

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