Digital Disruption and Intermodal Freight Transport

Intermodal transport is on the one hand highly complex branch due to the many factors that characterize it (carriers, routes, times, laws, goods) on the other hand offers great potential in terms of innovation and efficiency thanks to high traffic and the many challenges who daily faces.

Intermodal today is still linked to workflows and tools of the past and it is reasonable to think that the first, large traders who invest in targeted processes and effective digitization able to score the market.

The GTS group operating in the main European markets as Intermodal Forwarder & MTO, through a renewed R & D area, is at work on such issues as:

1. Internet of Things

2. Machine Learning

3. Mobile Reach & Beacons

4. BoT

With the understanding that a corporate group must necessarily be linked to the growth of the market growth (economic, technical and cultural) in which it operates, as of September, each month, in collaboration with Ferpress and other trade publications we will launch a linked heading to innovation and the digital disruption.


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