Customs Services

Our goal is to satisfy all your requests with precision and punctuality, thanks to the many years of experience gained in the field.

In G.T.S. Customs, we offer a specialized and internalized service for carrying out customs procedures, quickly and correctly, accompanied by the informative assistance of our experts dedicated to this important aspect of international shipments.

Through the numerous customs authorizations and facilitations, we guarantee continuous assistance and operational presence in close contact with all the authorities involved in customs clearance procedures, whether they are purely customs, health care or other areas of competence.

In a complementary way to customs activities, the HEAD OFFICE of Bari also offers consultancy and assistance services in information activities, in order to obtain any type of authorization from the various competent authorities.

G.T.S. CUSTOMS operates as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) with the F (FULL) status which guarantees, thanks to mutual recognition, safety of the logistics chain and high standards of customs competence all over the world.

Some of the available services:

  • Import, export, transit customs operations
  • Customs operations of temporary import and export
  • Customs operations of particular products (ex. CITES)
  • Customs warehouses for temporary custody
  • Customs warehouse
  • VAT deposit
  • Assistance for the compilation of EUR1 and ATR
  • Assistance for the issue of health and radiometric clearance
  • Information assistance and updates on customs legislation such as, nomenclature and customs duties, requirements for import and export, product safety and compliance

Brexit 2.0

Almost a year after Brexit and after a series of postponements, the United Kingdom has officially updated the new customs rules for the transport of goods between the EU and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) which will come into force from Jan 1st 2022.

In fact, from Jan. 1st pre-notifications will be activated for goods exported from the EU to Great Britain and generally involving foodstuff and plants.

As to the GVMS , G.T.S. has has correctly registered on the GVMS portal, for all shipments booked in pre-lodgement.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Request the customs consultancy service to GTS Customs specialists:

Milena Calabrese

Tel. +39 (0)80 5820438

Maurizio Fasulo

Tel. +39 (0)80 5820426