Activation of the 4th Milan Smistamento – Bari and vice versa circulation

With the certainty of guaranteeing something both welcoming and essential, it is with immense pleasure with which we would like to inform you of the fourth weekly circulation between Milan Smistamento and Bari Scalo Ferruccio, as of January 12th, 2016.
The 4 trains to Milan<=>Bari along with the 7 to Piacenza<=>Bari therefore brings to a total 11 the connections from and to Apulia with gateway to Greece via Patrasso.

Download our new timetable

This new circulation further bolsters the links between Central/South Italy towards Northern Europe via Milan/Piacenza in addition to the 7 trains active along Pomezia and Marcianise route. Along the Tyrrhenian coast, an increase to 9 connections is expected as of mid-March this year.

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