Developing transport systems eco and socially compatible

Safe guarding and protecting the environment and the whole society is not only a nice slogan. Our company produces positive externalities by reducing pollution, deaths and injuries on the roads, congestions on the roads, journey times of people.

The environment, energy conservation, oil, are items that move slowly around us, all too often in an imperceptible way.
We strongly believe that their control, preservation and optimization, creates value for the society and the whole economy; the move from negative externalities of road transport to those virtuous rail system allows us to save enormous resources but also make them available for the growth.

We strive to conduct our business in the best possible way, convinced that we have to invest and pursue the collective welfare in the long run.
Our employees operate with us with the consciousness of doing good in the world where they live, for them, their children and for future generations.

Safety 1st place in all the choices

Pursuing security as a value goes beyond the idea of preserving the physical integrity of those who work with us. If there is no security there is no company, and if there is no company there is no future.
Looking ahead is part of our DNA.

Providing security means certifying a safety culture. It means that the company is committed to respect the highest regulatory standards, but is also committed to ensuring that employees, suppliers and the small galaxy that gravitates around us operates at the highest level of attention.

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Value of human resource

Often It is said that companies are made of capital, people and organization. But which of these three elements must be placed in the first place? Or are all equivalent in terms of importance? We operate in the certainty that the value of men as resource should be placed on the highest pedestal, building the company, its structure and writing his own history around this value.

Raised as a value men are our strength, the element which increases our capital, and that allows the company to take an active and successful role in the markets.

Look away to go away

Being in the middle of two straight track watching two parallel lines that connects to the horizon best expresses our idea of where we want to go : far.

We work without time limits, driven by a vision that will lead us to grow, to affirm our brand in the European market, to become a global, structured, solid, respected and well-considered company. We aim to join the space by moving people and goods with safety, efficiency, quality.

We live in a complex and highly competitive business world, and the rail market has no exception. Our point of view is that competition is the mother of the efficiency in the market.
We are confident that the future of rail will have enormous growth potential, the demand for mobility of goods and people will triple over the next ten years.

Few markets can aspire to such levels of expansion.
The railroad is a large network, and operators will have the social responsibility to enable the “Europe system” to grow in a balanced way, and thus will have to create synergies to give users services, prices and quality.

GTS believes that for a company to be successful over the long term and create value for shareholders it must create value for society. It calls this creating shared value. Specifically, GTS does business in ways that help address global and local issues in the areas of transport and rural development.

Creating shared value is the underlying principle of the GTS Group’s activities. According to this approach, to be successful in the long term, a company must create value both for itself and for its shareholders and for the society in which it operates, bringing concrete benefits to the people, economy and territory.

Transparency helps us address problems, and there’s no doubt it contributes to better interactions with external stakeholders.

Identifying the policy areas in which the interests of its stakeholders is intertwined with that of the whole community, GTS has set the stage for a long-term strategy based on the investment of resources and talents in the three areas of: ecosustainibility, technological and rural development.